Makintosh96's Reviews & Ratings

Man this is good. I can't stop reading! I'm so glad they brought it to Renta! This seems like it could be one that goes on and on, but I don't even care cause I'm here for it!
Ooff this is a hot mess, but in a good way! The sexy scenes are super sexy, but there isn't much plot to it, but tbh I don't think there needs to be with ones like this! I reckon check the sample first before renting to see if it's your style, but in my opinion it's definitely worth the buy!
Omg. This. Is. AMAZING!!!! I can't stop reading it! I love all the characters, the art, the story - EVERYTHING!!! I'm only up to chapter 47 cause that's all that's out right now, but maaaaannnnnn I can't wait for what's gonna happen next!! I could keep reading this story for all of my days.
This one is really good. Only negative I have for this is that I don't really like renting, I prefer to purchase so that I can re-read (which I definitely will with this one), but I REALLY do not think that this was good enough to warrant each chapter to cost 340 points. Like, it was good, but the art wasn't STELLAR, it was just good, and the story was good, but not AMAZING. This review has been kind of hard to write, cause I definitely recommend this book, but I just seriously can't get over how it's priced. If it was 150-200 or even 250 points to purchase each chapter, this would be a 5 star across the board for me!
Oml I finished all 111 chapters, and this was SOOOO adorable!! Let me first say that there is no spicy. Like, none. Every kiss is a cut panel so you don't actually see them kiss or do anything, but you can make a very clear assumption that's what they're doing. But that's okay, cause the main two leads are just so damn adorable that who cares!!Also note, that there are two chapters listed that aren't cannon, more like extra pages, so if you don't want to ready those, check which ones they are (one of them is chapter 19, but I can't remember which one the other one is). I was a bit annoyed that I bought the chapter cause I didn't realise there were extras thrown in, otherwise I would have just rented them.But the relationship between the two main characters was so adorable to read, and then the story at the end was so sad! But I loved all of it! Although there are heaps of chapters, it's a quick and easy read - definitely worth buying!
Sooo so good! Loving this so far - anxiously waiting for chapter 5, but loving where this is going so far! The art is great, the story is interesting and the characters are both likeable! Definitely worth renting in my opinion! X
I wish there was more, that this had like 20 chapters or something, cause I could read about these two for so long! It's funny, the art is amazing, the smut is great, the plot is interesting, and the two main characters are awesome!10/10 in my books! Definitely worth the buy!!
Omg this is one of my favorites now!! It's such a good rivals to lovers! And I looooovvveeeee this pair! They are so fun to read and the smut is *chefs kiss*. Definitely buy every chapter, cause you'll want to go back and re-read over and over again!!
Omg I love the obsessively in love seme's!! They are my absolute favorites!! This was such a good one - DEFINITELY worth the rent! I can't stop going back and rereading it over and over!
I loved all of this! The crazy obsessed seme and the prickly uke, absolute perfection! Cant wait for volume 4!!