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Gorgeous art, but awkward dialogue and story. Nothing really seemed to fit together.
No romance here. If you said they were just siblings living together, it would have made sense just the same. There was no chemistry or anything from start to finish.
Cute and fluffy
It was just so-so. Not worth it to rent or read again. It was just a very mellow story with a quick ending.
The MC woman was an insufferable fool, and it was painful watching her shallow, flimsy emotions. All of the characters sucked for different reasons, but the art was pretty. Wouldn't recommend.
I'm giving it 2 stars because the artwork was gorgeous, but the story made no sense. It was like a random mashup of things that didn't seem to go together, and the translations were either way off, or the story was genuinely that random. I'm not sure which, but I have no idea what happened in this story.
I'm not usually a fan of historical harlequins, but this is one of the few I enjoyed. It shows a man that was going down the wrong path, realize the error of his ways, and change himself and the lives of others. There wasn't much romance, but it was sweet.
Beautiful art, but the plot was undeveloped. The MC is an idiot, and despite being fawned over, decides the Male lead doesn't love her and acts like a spoiled brat. The housekeeper and her daughter were a random addition to the plot that did little except cause some confusion and take up a few pages, inconveniently. This felt shallow, and I hated the MC.
It was a sweet story, but it felt like I was reading a history book about the island and the romance was just a side show.
The ending was too quick, but it was a beautiful story. It had a lot of emotions and the characters had a lot of depth. Romance, too. I love this!
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