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Stunning artwork. Looking forward to more plot.
It's similar to Over-Cumming Writer's Block, except the FC is very depressed, divorced, and older, and the MC is near the same age. The elements of 'teaching' her about sex are still there - though that makes less sense, given she was married. The art is very beautiful, and the chemistry between them is believable. How he irritates in a major way: this MC goes really far into the idea that she needs a makeover to help her find love again, to the point that he gives her a terrible haircut (he's a hairdresser) and bullies her into buying clothing that frankly does nothing for her figure. The misogyny inherent in his character is not attractive. I'm hopeful that Saya figures out that beauty and confidence come from within, and you cannot buy it or be bullied into it. I hope he learns it too. That would be a decent character arc in the romance.
The art is beautiful. The story is traditional. I like it.
This is the sweetest. Clearly the cat is a demi-god.
Hot, consentual, and it looks like he might be bi? Yes please!
One of the best BDSM series.
Artwork is stunning. Reminds me of Aubrey Beardsley, which is why I bought it. The story is beautifully rendered.
This is actually sweeter than you might think, given the title and cover image. Instead of a bully romance, it's actually not that at all. It's two people who are fantasising and dreaming of each other, but their reality is actually very, very healthy, especially for manga. Recommended.
They're back! They're back!! Yaaaay!!!!
You have to be into kink to understand how good this series is.
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