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Interesting! I like this type of shoujo more like a top josei drama with a serious relation involved! Looking forward for more
Ohmyyyy! This one is really funny Hahahahaaa! It's more like hentai xD but i really enjoyed this Manga so much.. Isekai type ^^ kinda love it.. So, i give it 5star.
Honestly! I really love Megs work i do support every manga she had.. I never knew erenta have it. This mangaka Art is really splendid and amazing as ever! This one deserved a 5star since the story pace is really great no! Plus, im a sucker of a childhood lovestory!!! This manga is a win win.. All and all is great and well managed! Thanks
Ohohoo! Such a rare cover that lead me to bought right away ^^, same category with the Academy high.. It is Looooove one. Yay! I like this typical of story new edition. Art style is great! The story seems interesting.. Looking forward to the next chapter thank you erenta.
Ohmyyygaaaaaaawd! I really Love Mr.Izumiya i hope i can find a guy like him in RL.. He's sooo damn HAAAAAWT!!!! And swear for the rest of your life, he will be the best man T.T waaaaaahhh! I love the Author works promise, it is really beautiful and the plot story is really great... Hope more manga like this here in erenta!! Well deserved a 5STAR!! thank you for the updates...
Ooh?! Wow! My fetishes in a long haired guy, finally found here... Ohmyy! I love the MC's Appearances soo charming yet sadistc and the FC seems Adorable looks likes she's a crying maiden hahaa. This manga is interesting ^^, why did i read this one soo late.... Nyaaa~ love this thanks renta team.
Wooaa! This manga deserved a 5star. It has a great story pace and the Art is really my type smooth and calm. It is really hot aswell the smut scenes is at the next level. I love it ??
Awwwww. Soo cute i like these couple they're both Adorable i wish this was smut hahahaha. Thanks for the wonderful manga
Wooooaaaah.. Soooo hot! I really like this one the scenes are quite amazing as ever. He's really a badass when it comes to bed. Haha i like the pace and the art is really great!. Thanks erenta this is wonderful.
Wow! Indeed deserved a 5star. It was really warmed and such a wonderful story, that ive ever read. Every story has a heart whelming vibes thanks to my wondering skills ive found such a fairytale story that i even cried haha very nice. I might read this one again ? there are more from this Author yay! I'll read them slowly hihii. Stay safe erenta sama and to all Authors and Artist out there. Afterall your health is way moooore important godblessed :)
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