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Wow! This manga is indeed pure and super sweeet T.T i love this type of story waaah. It ended very well thank you erenta.
Interesting! I like this type of shoujo more like a top josei drama with a serious relation involved! Looking forward for more
Ohmyyyy! This one is really funny Hahahahaaa! It's more like hentai xD but i really enjoyed this Manga so much.. Isekai type ^^ kinda love it.. So, i give it 5star.
Honestly! I really love Megs work i do support every manga she had.. I never knew erenta have it. This mangaka Art is really splendid and amazing as ever! This one deserved a 5star since the story pace is really great no! Plus, im a sucker of a childhood lovestory!!! This manga is a win win.. All and all is great and well managed! Thanks
Ohohoo! Such a rare cover that lead me to bought right away ^^, same category with the Academy high.. It is Looooove one. Yay! I like this typical of story new edition. Art style is great! The story seems interesting.. Looking forward to the next chapter thank you erenta.
Ohmyyygaaaaaaawd! I really Love Mr.Izumiya i hope i can find a guy like him in RL.. He's sooo damn HAAAAAWT!!!! And swear for the rest of your life, he will be the best man T.T waaaaaahhh! I love the Author works promise, it is really beautiful and the plot story is really great... Hope more manga like this here in erenta!! Well deserved a 5STAR!! thank you for the updates...
Ooh?! Wow! My fetishes in a long haired guy, finally found here... Ohmyy! I love the MC's Appearances soo charming yet sadistc and the FC seems Adorable looks likes she's a crying maiden hahaa. This manga is interesting ^^, why did i read this one soo late.... Nyaaa~ love this thanks renta team.
Wooaa! This manga deserved a 5star. It has a great story pace and the Art is really my type smooth and calm. It is really hot aswell the smut scenes is at the next level. I love it ??
Awwwww. Soo cute i like these couple they're both Adorable i wish this was smut hahahaha. Thanks for the wonderful manga
Wooooaaaah.. Soooo hot! I really like this one the scenes are quite amazing as ever. He's really a badass when it comes to bed. Haha i like the pace and the art is really great!. Thanks erenta this is wonderful.
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