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It is such a sweet love story.. highly recommend
This story is sooo sweet... Haru has some intimacy issues. She think men only wants one thing.. sex... and then she met Kazuma.. who treats her differently and is not turn off by the lack of sex.. this is such a gem! I am only up to episode 6 and can't wait to read the rest.
For some reason I like this manga.. yes the guy is weird but I don't hate it.. and the art is good
I am eagerly waiting for the next episode. Currently there is 8 episode and so far I love the story. ML is a gentleman, he never forces the FL. There is some mystery which has not been fully unravel yet.
Artwork is beautiful and the guy is hot. Ok the reason she does not want to be his girlfriend is a bit lame but it's still is a nice story. Can't wait for the next episode
I love this manga... the FL is so adorable and she does not realise that the ML is in love with her
Even though it's only the first episode, I am already hooked! Can't wait for the next one!!!!
I was turn off in the beginning because I felt the ML was forcing himself on FL.. but as I continued reading I realised that there is more to the story.. It is actually a very sweet love story.
OMG.. he is so hot and such a sweet guy.. Rio was wary of Motoki at first because of her previous relationship but she starts to fall for him.. I can't wait for the next vol
Oh my god! This story is sooo good..
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