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Love it
Love this manga.. I am up to chapter 4.. there is some history between them when they were younger but seems like she does not remember. He have a bad relationship with his family which is slowly unfolding.. can't wait for the next one
Love it... it's hot.. he is bi and not ashamed of it.. bad boy to the max
I am have read up to chapter 5. So the ML has a some sort of trauma when he was young and does not have a good relationship with his parents. He wants to change and he feels that the FL might be the one that can't help him. I feel sad for both of them.. I wish they will manage to sort out their issues
Love this manga.. ML is the younger cute and adorable idol while the FL is the sensible older manager. The combination is soooo sweet. Highly recommended.. I have read up to chapter 5
I like this manga.. it's consensual.. FL knows what she wants and she is realistic about it. I don't really understand ML but he loves her (I am only at chapter 3).. looking forward to read more
It is such a sweet love story.. highly recommend
This story is sooo sweet... Haru has some intimacy issues. She think men only wants one thing.. sex... and then she met Kazuma.. who treats her differently and is not turn off by the lack of sex.. this is such a gem! I am only up to episode 6 and can't wait to read the rest.
For some reason I like this manga.. yes the guy is weird but I don't hate it.. and the art is good
I am eagerly waiting for the next episode. Currently there is 8 episode and so far I love the story. ML is a gentleman, he never forces the FL. There is some mystery which has not been fully unravel yet.
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