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Two dudes, two scary faces, one BIG misunderstanding... SI Mitsuru literally never misses. We are undeserving of her greatness, of her characters who have actual chemistry and their buff bodies. All hail SI Mitsuru and her love of scary boys and delinquents.Also, Mishima best boy. Get a friend like Mishima. Be a friend like Mishima. Mishima is bestie goals.
Oh man, Tobiwashio really knows how to write a good sex scene, huh. The general atmosphere was fun, the art was dynamic and expressive, and the sex was HOT. The main couple are cute, though there is a switch teased near the end that we never see happen. I think I actually liked their co-workers a little more, though the co-workers were a side couple who only got a oneshot. But damn that oneshot was the hottest thing I've read in ages. This was great, Tobiwashio is great, buy this. (Warning: first chapter is a little dubcon, but only in the "surprise drunken fumble" sense.)
This has no right to be as good as it is, it's seriously well done! The characterization? Well fleshed out. The plot? It actually has one! The supernatural powers? Actually interesting and well thought out. A delinquent and an autistic psychic who both desperately needed to be treated like they were worth something... Look, I expected to only buy one chapter of this and then never touch it again. Instead, I ended up buying coins so I could get the whole thing. I NEVER do that! Seriously, give this one a chance. You won't regret it.
Chapter 1: It's just fluff so far, and the comedy feels a bit dated to me. I found it underwhelming, there's nothing that really stands out about it right now. But if you're looking for something super cute and sugary sweet, maybe you'll like it?
So it was apparently consensual. Not sure people can meaningfully consent to GBH. Very uncomfortable. I hope Renta picks up other Mitsuya Bond titles, but this wasn't really it for me, as interesting as the world and main character were. Can Renta license Syrup instead please?
IF YOU'RE NOT INTO FURRY STUFF, BUY THIS ANYWAY FOR THE THIRD COUPLE! They are both human, and their story is hands-down some of the hottest stuff I've ever read. The wolf and his boyfriend are cute, the ransom story about the houseplant was cool, but that third couple... Dear gods. Their story is heartfelt, LGBT-centric, the action is accurate. Both characters are endearing and Matsumoto Noda is an absolute god at smut. Seriously, get this. Skip the wolf and the plant if you need to, but it's well worth the price alone just for the last three chapters!
How has no one mentioned the incredibly hot ahegao-like faces in this!? The art style reminds me of Ikegami Shougo a little, the bottom's face alone is fan-me-worthy. Yes, they do do it in the mascot costume twice (someone should really tell that bottom about furries), but after that, the rest of the sex is just two hot guys absolutely going to town on each other. There's a bit of frotting, some really hot desperation and neediness... I love how sincere the top is and how absolutely thirsty the bottom is. The baseball setting is a nice touch too, this story has a very enjoyable manly vibe due to it. I don't usually get turned on by BL but I feel like this awoke something in me. It's those facial expressions, I know it is.
THE MC ACTUALLY REALISES HE'S BISEXUAL! THE WORD BISEXUAL IS SPOKEN IN THIS MANGA! HALLELUJAH!!!With that out the way... This is both one of the cutest and one of the hottest things I've read in a long time. Both characters are pretty well fleshed out, they're not stereotypical. The main guy seems like a standard cute bottom at first, but he's got a bit of a lecherous side, and the top actually questions whether he should be doing things with a (very consenting) client. They each had a good friend too, and those characters were pretty fun. I just really enjoyed this, and it was extremely hot. The erectile dysfunction idea can sometimes lead to dubcon or hard bdsm, but that wasn't the case this time. I love how enthusiastic they both were! You've got to read it! I rented this, but I will be purchasing it as soon as I post this review.
This was not at all what I expected from the first chapter! A manga where a guy with a brother complex actually admits his crush is unrealistic and chooses the awesome boy his own age? A brother who isn't creepy at all? A same-age boyfriend who is a bit fem-looking but doesn't behave in a stereotypical way? Realistic levels of jealousy and horniness (high but not for the drama)? I really enjoyed this when I didn't expect to, very nice indeed!
I have not been this impressed by a collection of oneshots for a long time! Every one of these stories had graceful art, grounded dialogue, and an atypical magical realist feel. The general vibe reminded me of Ran and the Grey World and The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window. Sure, each story could have been a whole volume. But the magic of a good oneshot is when the emotions and the beauty of an experience can be captured in a few short pages; none of these stories NEED to be longer. To me, each was a perfect snapshot of beauty. Did I want more of every story? Yes. Do I feel like the stories were unfinished? No.Standouts to me were the title story and Visible Distance, which made me cry, but they were all excellent. This isn't the collection for you if you want fluffy stories and bishies doing it, the focus is on "love" rather than on romantic relationships. We need more BL manga like this. I'm so glad I gave this manga a chance. I'll be buying the upgrade for sure.
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