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I didn't expect this to be any good. The cold open had me worried, I must admit. But in the end, it was much better than I expected! It was a very straightforward story, but kind of refreshing. There's very little exposition and the pace is fast, but I liked all the characters and found their conversations entertaining. The panelling and dancing figures were a little static, but the facial expressions were nice and I have no problems with the story. I wouldn't be surprised if this mangaka improves a lot in future releases. I'd be interested to read a newer story of theirs.
This was not at all what I expected from the first chapter! It starts off a bit conventional and dubcon, but it very quickly becomes something that (while more predictable than some of the mangaka's other works) really stands out due to the incredible character writing. This is something I've found about a lot of Mitsuya Bond's work, though I've mostly read her in Japanese. She takes what seems like a standard set of tropes and really elevates them with her interesting, flawed, and multifaceted characters. This isn't her best work by far, but I'm so happy to see some of her stuff available in English!
Hilarious, and delightfully adult! I did not expect this to be a good as it was, it really does capture the feeling of a relationship between people who enjoy each other's company. Also... Anything with a jockstrap scene gets points in my book, and this has a couple!
I don't understand how this is so popular. The concept is fun, yes, but there are other manga out there with similar concepts. The art is serviceable, but nothing special, the setting is bland, and the characters are not particularly memorable or interesting. I thought it would at least be funny, but it hasn't made me laugh once. I guess this was just not for me.
Adorable friends-to-lovers. Gave me the warm fuzzies.
Strange, beautiful, poignant. I picked this up after someone mentioned it was Shoowa's only licensed work in English. It's very unusual, I can't say I've read anything like it before. It starts off feeling like it'll be a book of oneshots and then evolves into a longer story. The longer story is somewhat allegorical, and has a vibe that's somewhere between pure fantasy and magical realism. I hope to see more of her works in English someday.
Oh man, this was lovely. The art was retro and incredibly detailed and atmospheric, the characters were lovable and relatable without feeling like caricatures or archetypes... This was a warm, wholesome exploration of two very different people navigating the route between friendship and love. The story wasn't too unique, but it was masterfully crafted and illustrated. Sometimes all you want is the best available version of something familiar, and this is it. I wish I could buy a physical copy of this and put it on my comics shelf. What a delightful manga!
I really like the concept of a comedy duo who are doing it on the down low, but the execution here really falls down. The nature of their work doesn't affect the story much, and for a story about comedians... It's not funny. The art is amateurish too. Overall, I think this could be a really good manga if the mangaka revisited the idea down the line, but it's just not there yet. If you're looking for something similar, try "There's Fanfiction About Us!?", which is a much better drawn and funnier example of the entertainment industry trope, or "My Fickle Jaguar" for an underrated entertainment industry story with a well developed plot and characters.
I don't usually like age gaps, or medical stories, or rough art styles. This is all three of those things, but it's excellent.The story itself was simple and straightforward, but very realistic. It's very easy to understand and care about all the characters, they all feel like people you could meet in the real world with their own lives and stories. I'm trying hard to not spoil it here, but the connection between the main characters which could have so easily become toxic or exploitative stayed surprisingly wholesome. This is a story about how to deal with an unreliable person who nevertheless isn't bad or manipulative. It's about dealing with the tough things in life. It's about how sometimes being fully truthful can be hard, and about how the small lies people use to make their lives easier aren't always bad, but can get you in uncomfortable situations. It's also got some OK smut. Pretty life-accurate, though I didn't find the art style titillating personally.
Very fun! A nice threesome, though sadly no reversible characters.
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