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I'll admit it, I cried. I cried at the end. They love each other and I'm so happy for them that I cried. That's it.No but really I teared up. This is really sweet and the art is cute. The exploration of how to show your emotions even though self-preservation clouds your mind, it's chef's kiss. The communication at the end? Beautiful. Overall a nice light and sweet read. 10/10!
Really sweet!!! Warning though, their first like three smut scenes are dub-con due to drunkenness and there's another one when they are arguing and it's a bit iffy. Also a part about another much older man wanting "favors" from Arimura as a business thing-- quid pro quo. Other than that! Art was really great, Arimura looks young for his age but he's super cute along with Yutori. Yutori's cute little frog obsession was wholesome. Arimura's reason for being a workaholic is a bit confusing to me but I guess it's an honor thing-- more about self-worth than a promise to an old friend. All in all I enjoyed it immensely. Their chemistry is great plus it goes into a little bit of how if you throw your all into work then you miss out on discovering yourself. Work-life balance!Note: the text was not blurry for me, just certain parts have writing that is super small and I had to zoom in for those. Nothing too bad there, I wouldn't knock off any points for that. Geez this is a long review sorry.
Beautiful art! The story is not the most original-- but it is right up my alley. The pacing is alright, and the ending made me tear up. The fact that Naru wears Maki's jacket throughout most of it is such a cute touch.
Liiiisten. Their relationship and dialogue together is my FAVORITE. It's funny and actually pretty realistic, there are running jokes between them and also the way they tease each other in such a way that is complimentary to their personalities is GOLD. The art is fantastic!! It's hot, cute, and funny!
Good kind of role reversal! They are both quite the personality, I would have loved to see more in depth details about both. Really like it though.
Great art!! Kind of a basic story, with expected conflict but I thought it was super sweet! How Yukiharu acts like a dog and how Yuki (sweet baby boy) helped Aki come to his wits :") super cute!
Super sweet classic
Okay so I cried at the end. I live this so so much. It's a shade darker on topics compared to what I usually frequent, it actually depicted a little gore, but it was worth it for the story! This is easily going into the top for me, the art and the story-- the development. Everything.
I love the art so so much! It's really hot and I actually really dig the folklore, shrine and atmosphere of being "spirited away." There's not much, at all--not any, in the way of love or romance but it's too short to explore much of that anyway. They are both attached to each other clearly but the extent seems superficial and murky. Overall great light easy read!
I love this so much! The premise, how there's expectations and then how it diverts. The art is amazing! Ah what is there not to love?!
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