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The concept was interesting but the rest of the one shots fall back to boring cliche developments, which well, is common of one shots. Art is great, but don't expect much plot wise
Quality smut and quality fluff AND quality comedy. Love it uwu
Niyama's artstyle and wholesome relationships hgghh. Super soft, nice pace, bang for your buck, putting the vital details in important places, like the crack in ass crack.
As with all scaberi works, art is so good and man do I want Minori to give me a massage. Love how balanced their while relationship ends up being, even though there's a lil bit of dubious consent. Also the Tatsuyuki spin-off is amazing you should check it out as well!!
Art is fantastic, but personally the stories are too cheesy for me.
Dubious consent but as long as you're here for the smut and not the realism it's some good stuff.
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