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This is adorable!! Adorable art, two adorable clumsy guys, an adorable ACCIDENTAL KISS - I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from there ;D
Hands-down one of the funniest manga I've ever read! The expressions are HILARIOUS. I really enjoyed all the wacky side characters too!
Sexy, silly and yet surprisingly wholesome. I love this mangaka's art!
I love this artist's style so much! Really cute collection of stories. The one with the sleepy professor was my favourite.
Chapter 1 review - this looks super promising! One dependable good guy, one blushy tsundere (who is secretly super rich maybe?!) and one adorable kitten. I can't wait to see where this goes! (Who wants to bet that the only reason tsundere dude always showed up to buy a drink during good guy's night shift was so he could talk to him? ;D)
This manga is amazing! The art is unlike anything I've ever seen and the stories are by turns mysterious and moving (and sometimes a little bit funny, too). Even though there isn't much, um, ''action'', the characters and their relationships still grabbed and held my attention. Give it a read and immerse yourself in a world of wonders! (鐓
Despite the incredibly raunchy title, it's actually quite sweet XD This story has a lot of things I like: a reunion between childhood friends, a tsundere and a ''bad boy'' who's really not that bad. The sex scene at the end was pretty hot but not entirely realistic (zero prep before penetration) but overall a fun short read.
This manga has a fun set-up - an angel trying to lower his virtuous stats by doing all sorts of naughty things, wink wink - and I enjoyed the sex scenes; especially the angel's expressions, it's so rare to see the top / seme looking so expressive! But for me this juuuuust missed out on a five-star rating because of a sudden public humiliation scene involving a female side character and a vibrator, which then quickly devolved into an impending dubcon group sex scnenario that was luckily averted at the last moment 0_0 That really blindsided me, so If you're anything like me and don't enjoy this kind of stuff, be careful. However, there were plenty of hilarious moments that had me laughing out loud, and I also really admired the way the angel's uniform / traditional clothes were drawn. Also, the angel's frazzled superior was FINE, and tbh I would've liked to have seen more of him XD A pretty fun read overall!
I'm just gonna admit it: i was one hundred percent lured by the cute cover XD I wasn't dissapointed, though: a light read with a fun cheesy set-up (''guess we have to kiss to recharge my magic, huh?'') and a happy ending. I enjoyed the character designs, all the sweet blushing expressions and the little piggy familiar Lulu was so adorable! One of the parts that really made me crack up was when the main character was told ''Shut up! Just go home and get your lips ready for all the kissing we're gonna do!'' and he legit went out and bought lip balm XD I enjoyed the secondary couple as well. I'm always a sucker for the sort of storyline where arrogant characters fall for that ONE stoic character their charms don't work on - except of course it turned out the stoic dude loved him back all along. Awww! Give it a try if you enjoy manga with cute art, lots of kissing and a hint of love triangle / jealousy.
I really liked this manga! There were plenty of moments that made me laugh, but a lot of sweet (and hot!) moments as well. The setting was fun too, based on a traditional folk tale but with some funny twists. Very attractive art style - my favourite thing was how the facial expressions were drawn during sex scenes; the characters actually looked like they were enjoying themselves.I was a bit worried I would be squicked out by the M-preg element (I don't enjoy F/M stories that focus heavily on pregnancy and / or childbirth either) but it was actually very sweet! Another thing I really appreciated was how hard the NEET guy worked to change for the better, and how his BF supported him even through his nervous and pessimistic moments. That really touched my heart!This manga had cute and relatable characters, a neat setting, plenty of funny and heartwarming moments, and hot, well-drawn sex scenes. I definitely recommend it!
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