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While the plot feels extremely forced in the first few chapters, but then the story hits its stride and characters get fleshed out. Overall, I felt that this satisfied a good balance between story and smut. Just as importantly, it felt like the story was wrapped up for the main character at the end, though there were still some loose threads with subplots.
I wish I had read the reviews first. As other reviewers have noted, this manga deals with mental instability and domestic violence, and it does it very poorly. The plot development in later arcs falls flat and there's a heavy reliance on smut to fix the holes in the storyline. I was really excited for the happy-go-lucky slice-of-life gay relationship that the description suggested, and the first chapter felt like that description would be delivered on. Having ready the entire series, I regret purchasing this title. It is not a happy-go-lucky slice-of-life. It's an underwhelming tragedy.
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