Sweetheart Trigger

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Cole, a gay college student, has a crush on the boy next door, Alex Rodriguez. Cole can only watch Alex from a distance, all the girls flocking to the one he wants while being forced to satisfy his urges alone. Then one day, that distance starts to disappear when a drunken Alex falls asleep in Cole's bed. Emboldened, Cole goes to a costume party in hopes of talking to Alex and ends up confessing his true feelings. Alex is used to this kind of thing, casually brushing it off, but Cole doesn't know what to do and comes up with...! A dark―haired hunk and an average blonde gay guy; two polar opposites meet in this homosexual―romance slice―of―life drama with a dark twist!


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Sweetheart Trigger- 1 -

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Sweet Heart Trigger

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Sweetheart Trigger (1)

Pages: 30

Sweetheart Trigger (2)

Pages: 29

Sweetheart Trigger (3)

Pages: 37

Sweetheart Trigger (4)

Pages: 33

Sweetheart Trigger (5)

Pages: 38

Sweetheart Trigger (6)

Pages: 35

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