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I bought this series a while ago, and I've read it over and over. It's so good. I love their story and the way their relationship develops. I can't resist a seme with an unrequited love for the uke, and Ryuji is so sweet and sexy! The sex scenes are super hot; the art overall is just gorgeous. Worth every penny.
Buy it! This series is amazing. It's a super hot, fluffy omegaverse story where everything is one hundred percent consensual. The uke is an adorable little megane-kun who gets to tap into his sexy omega side, and the seme is head over heels for him. So cute! And, like every other work this artist has done, the sex scenes are to die for. Definitely buy it, because you'll want to reread it!
This is probably one of my all time favorite series. The art is to die for, and the story is really beautiful. It's definitely more of a roller coaster than Red String of Fate, but I think that makes it more rewarding to read. I love both of the characters so much: a committed and loving seme, and a beautiful and complicated uke. It's a real knock out combo! I can't recommend this enough; it's more than worth the price to own.
The story just gets better and better for me; just finished chapter 12 and I'm so happy I committed to reading it. I love their unfolding relationship, and how much they communicate with each other. This artist is a master of sexy scenes, so if you're looking for a sweet and steamy romance, this is perfect for you! Definitely worth purchasing.
I hesitated on buying chapters because of some of the reviews, and I regret waiting so long. I loved this manga! I'm an omegaverse fan, but I feel a little burnt out with the dub/non con you often find. This one is sweet and beautiful, and super steamy. I really enjoyed their relationship; an earnest alpha is the best! My only complaint is there isn't more. Definitely recommend!
Cute, steamy, and low on the drama. The uke is a little bit of a dummy, but so funny and kind, and the younger seme is a hottie (I love tops with an unrequited love). It was such a pleasure to watch them fall in love, and without any of the overplayed hurdles you often see in manga. The art is great; the sex scenes have some gorgeous lines. There's a little bit of dubcon in chapter 1, but overall it's a fluff fest. If nothing else, read it for the adorable gay lion couple!
I can't recommend this manga enough. Super fluffy love, super hot sex scenes. If you're looking for something low drama, with mutual consent and love between the main characters, this is definitely for you. It's incredibly sweet and adorable, while still being extremely smutty. Also, the art is gorgeous! More than worth the rental price ? I'll come back to this work (and all of her works, really) again and again.
So. Freakin. Good!! It checks all my boxes. Super affectionate, loving seme? Check. Adorable tsundere uke? Check. Hot and totally consensual sex scenes? Check!!! This story really warmed my heart. I'm so glad I purchased it, and I'm sure I'll read it again and again. I highly recommend if you're looking for a sweet and spicy love story.
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