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This is actually a nice story, I really like the character development and although it does seem a little cheesey, but it's good quality cheese.Definaltly a book to add to your read again collection.
I can't put into words how bad this is, (as there is a 1000 word limit) so I'm gonna do my best. The preview would have you believe that this story is setting up to be a complex drama, with mature themes.Then it smacks you in the face with a flat story and turns the interesting into the generic.As the story progresses there are obvious creative points here that could've been explored and would've easily made this story readable, but the author went the cheap route and decided that the characters must face no difficulty, no hardship, and everything will go perfectly fine for them.I was honestly waiting for the" and they lived happily ever after" at the end of this story.If you're an edgy 4th grader and you want to get into fanfiction then this is the book for you, but if you're above the age of 13,this will be huge waste of time.
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