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Omg this is surprisingly good! Came in with low expectation and this blew my mind!
I don't mind porn without plot but the way certain things happened is so ridiculous it takes me out of the porn completely. Like, what kind of grown man would have a dick in front of them and when the other guy says "Ahh" they would oblige and then be surprised when the dick gets shoved inside their mouth??
God I can't even put into words how much I hated this. Of course the uke is the shorter, cuter, always crying guy. Stereotypical. Anyone surprised? Certainly not me. If you want to do that, fine. Just don't bait us with switching up the roles like a dozen times only for the uke-turned-seme to give up last second and have the roles return to how they were before. Even in the final chapter you baited us by having the uke's friend tell him to satisfy his partner and since the seme has always uked you'd expect the uke to top for once. Nope! Premature ejaculation right before the uke can stick it in, and the uke is the bottom again >:(
I bought this rather than rented due the other review giving it a 5 star, and now I regretted due to how horrible this story is. The seme is literally a manipulative psycho. He imprisons the uke and touches and licks him all over day and night, claiming he wants to make the uke can't live without him. He even boasts to a friend when he wonders why the uke is absent from work. And rather than calling the police, the friend just warned the seme on the severity of false imprisonment and left it at that. When the uke was so aroused from days of foreplay and wanted sex, the seme denied it claiming sex is crossing the line (so sexual harrassment and kidnapping and imprisonment is not??) forcing the uke into admitting his feelings for him (stockholm syndrome) before he returned the feeling and became officially boyfriends which meant sex is okay now. The author even introduced a stalker girl who tresspassed to save the imprisoned uke as if saying here's someone worse so the seme isn't so bad!
The story is okay I guess but not really my type. I don't like how the seme keeps sexually harrassing/assaulting the uke without his consent.
This is not romance. It's stockholm syndrome, emotional manipulation, gaslighting, and many more disguised as a romance. Don't read this id you're not into any of these things.
If you're into stories where the teacher is gay and finds a student in his house and he sits beside his student naked with only a towel covering his private part and when the student makes a move on him, he doesn't even attempt to push him off and just lets him do anything, then this is the manga for you. But if you're into stories where a student-teacher relationship actually matters rather than a teacher acting so unlike a teacher you might as well make him a student and the story would make perfect sense, then this manga isn't for you.
I love it! The art is such a feast for eyes!
Very good. Didn't see the twists coming.
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