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If you love Incubus-themed stories, you'll love this one. I really appreciate the take of the author on the Incubus. The story is light, more on the comedic side than on the dramatic side. Nice art, great scenes, entertaining story. It's not perfect, but somehow I just love it and I simply can't wait for more chapters, thus I give it 5 stars! SERIOUSLY THOUGH I WANT MORE !!!
I LOVE it! An original idea, nice characters, nice art and it is a really fun read! I'm just a bit sad that there wasn't any more backstory for the ghost and/or any explanation of some events.
If you're in need for a cute and simple story to read, search no more! The art is pretty, the characters are nicely designed and the story is well paced. It is so sweet and adorable! Definitely worth it.
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