StephieJay's Reviews & Ratings

OMG!! I am SO invested in this series! I thought the story was so intriguing. The MC was cute and I liked her attitude about things. Then the connection she has with her boss was so cute then... WHAM!! PLOT TWIST! Then... No updates for months!!! This is the third series that I've read, gotten hooked on, and then no new volumes! What's going on! I need to know what happens!! The suspense is killing me! Please tell me the rest is coming!
So I was in live with this story. It was so cute, funny, and had enough story to keep me interested. I just don't know what happend to the end! It was so abrupt! The bit of emotional build up waas lost in the final volume. Which made me super sad and lead me to my 3 star rating. It's a good series, cute characters, but a very underwhelming final volume.
Super Sweet!! Great artwork, simple story but not empty; and just the right amount of sexy! Loved it!!
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