I Want to Do What Lovers Do.

author :

Tomo Kurahashi


Suga and Hara have been close friends since junior high, and became housemates in university. Hara, a cool guy and popular with girls, is completely unaware of his own popularity, and Suga is proud to have him as his closest friend. Although Hara makes him feel uneasy by how much he looks after him, if Suga's honest he actually slightly enjoys it...... Suga ends up developing feelings towards Hara that go beyond friendship, but he's happy with the way things are between them. It's just nice for him to be by Hara's side. One night, Hara tells him that he'll be coming home late. Suga, who's finally able to spend some time at home alone, finds Hara's jacket lying on the sofa. As he takes it in his hand, Suga's scent pervades the air, and Hara gets unwittingly turned on...... It's a slightly naughty love story about two guys joined at the hip, and it'll get your heart racing!


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author :

Tomo Kurahashi

publisher :

ShuCream POP

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Japanese :

Tomodachi Ijou no Koto Shitai

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I Want to Do What Lovers Do. (1)

Pages: 35

I Want to Do What Lovers Do. (2)

Pages: 32

I Want to Do What Lovers Do. (3)

Pages: 26

I Want to Do What Lovers Do. (4)

Pages: 27

I Want to Do What Lovers Do. (5)

Pages: 29

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