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This story Confessions of a pregnant Cinderella. I like the art work. But the story seems to be the same poor person refused money or for anyone to help them out. And they talk about how the rich seem to be snobbiest.
The main female charater is too selfish, and her boyfriend/lover is a bit on the stupid side. If there was to be a future, he can't be not telling her what is going on. You can't be just leaving the country and thinking I told her and she is cool with that. What the heck? P.S. the above is a bit of a spoiler, sorry for that.
The story was nice, but why didn't they have an actual one night stand? Would have to me made it a better storyline. But still I like the story.
It was an ok story. The Female MC Zara was still too idealistic and the Male MC wasn't but still seem to be immature about things in general. (that is my take on him). And Why the large age gap? He is 14 years older than the female love. Didn't like that.
Pretty good story and this time it is the Male MC who we see is thinking and speaking about the Female MC. And get shy and quiet but still is the male and persue the Female. As well as the Female charter knows about sex and the Male MC isn't the first man she has had sex with nor has gotten pregnant with a child of the that same male love interest. Recommend to read
I read and re-read this story To Temp a Sheikh Pride of Zohayd. I liked it at first, she Talia the female MC was a doctor, and help Harres the male MC. But the second time I read it, she seemed more like a damsels in distress than a smart thinking women who has a degree in medicine. Without evidence, she believes her brother, and leaves the hospital and her life, to what? Then once she gets back home, her (Spoil alert) brother confesses of his crimes. So, just ok, the usual Harlequin romances.
This story "The Desert Where a Dark Bird Soars" reminds me of the other story I had read "The Sheikh and the Bought Bride" Both women were strong and could spar with the male MC. This one "The Desert Where a Dark Bird" the female lead had a career and did travel as a reporter. And both didn't trust each other she though the king was a tyrant and killed his enemies. While he thought she being in the media would only believe lies. I just love the story.
This is an ok story. But they keep saying in the story "Step Brothers" if you had the same father but different mothers, it would be half brothers/siblings. That way it is a blood relative more interested in seeing not a step brother, and since Tess is Steels' daughter and Nick was Nadia son, wouldn't that make them step siblings? Even if Steel and Nadia were divorced. Just wondering.
I know the reasons other didn't give it a good review. I do understand and they are right about the story is too fast and on in depth review or more of a background. But I did like this whole series of the 4 friends who were brought together in a bad situation. I just wish there would be a 5th story of the "Doc" How he met the 4 men, and how he helps them and maybe a women who would come into his life?
Spoiled alert: Catarina's grandfather's brother which would be her great uncle which is Jake's father. Are second cousins. Still a relative having relations with another relative. And to me very incestuous relationship. That is why the one star.
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