ScarletHAP12's Reviews & Ratings

A nice fresh take of Isekai. It's very funny. I absolutely love how our main character is just trying to make her way through this new world, living life to the fullest while getting laughs out of other people's drama
Blech. I can't believe this crap. The characters have no substance or motivation and their personalities change radically.The only thing it has going for it are some good sex scenes
Don't waste your money on this. It's horrible and regrading of women and humans as a whole. I don't even want to describe it
I absolutely love this story. It's sweet and interesting and the characters are very relatable. Its an immediate like
I love this. The guy is such a gentlemen. Even though he wants to, he knows she only wants him to teach her and doesn't take any advantage of her. But I have it four stars because the female character is a little predictable and the male lead is the only one holding up this story.
It's a the usual lying and causing several unraveling misunderstandings. The story is very over the top and unbelievable that I find it hard to believe what's happening anymore. it just makes no sense most of the time
This is awful. She decided she wanted nothing but a physical relationship then gets fooled by a guy she barely knows and marries him in the end. They spend weeks having nothing but meaningless sex and then he says he loves her and makes a plan with her parents to marry her. She decided she loves him and they get married on the day she leans his last name and occupation. That's all they know about each other by the time they're married.
This manga is so lame. It's like throwing $3 in the garbage on purpose. The characters are flat and the plot is nonexistent.
I'm pretty sure it's a medical emergency if you put alcoholic drinks in a vagina but the story is rushed and the characters don't really have time to develop their romance. One more chapter would be better to tell a more rounded story.
IT WAS WELL WORTH THE 6 TICKETS I SPENT ON THIS TO OWN IT FOR AN INDEFINITE PERIOD. This is one of the best Harlequin I've every read (trust me. I've read a lot a shitty ones). I love the characters and how honest they are with each other. They work together and communicate and respect each other and I love that. The major conflict towards the end of the story was especially well shown to develop the characters and be true to themselves and their wishes, which only helped them develop more. Unlike many characters from other Harlequins, there characters have depth and complexity instead of being flat and predictable. I really recommend it.