marymw356's Reviews & Ratings

I liked this manga but i think they moved it along too quickly. I feel that it is a good start with so much potential to be a GREAT series!
I liked this series. There was plenty of hot scenes. The story was good, with some character growth. Their attitude towards each other bothered me a little. Still it was good.
I'm giving it 4 stars due to the title Is Misleading! But this short story is cute. I personally was glad that the boyfriend isn't sadistic. They should rename the title because it is a cute short story.
I loved this story and will probably read it again. The story was interesting and relatable. The hot scenes were Hot and plentiful!
This was great! I loved it! It's light hearted and will have you laughing a lot! I wish it would become a series. It would be great to see how they handle various situations that comes up in life.
I really liked this story. I think that it is a little short. That's because its good and I'm curious to how they go on from there.
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