Love Me Even in Your Dreams -I'll Be Watching You-

story :

Kanan Yamada


Onodera is a smart, popular guy, who would never give me the time of day in the real world. But in my dreams, we get along really well! As we have fun chatting, I gradually get to know him better, and fall for him even harder... Is my dream going to end as just that, a dream...? I want my dreams to come true, even in real life! A long, 60-page love story about a mysterious girl doing her best!


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story :

Kanan Yamada

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Japanese :

Yume no Naka demo Aishite Anata wo Nozoki masu

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Love Me Even in Your Dreams -I'll Be Watching You-

Pages: 61

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February 28, 2018 (JST)
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