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Ok this was really good manga. Love it when yaoi couples have kids. Its just so adorable that I can't help but be biased towards them. But here are pros and cons for me Pros: great artworkadorable kidsGood plotCons:Next chapter isn't out already ?
*may contain spoiler* This manga is so funny I just love how she completely remains oblivious to his approaches. I am kind of hoping that she does remain oblivious. I love the female character she's so cute and hard-working. The male MC pissed me off in the beginning especially when he had that mistress staying in his home despite being married. Normally I would feel bad for female MC but she was so cool and even supported them that it just became funny.
Omg I actually love this two together. They have such a great relationship as best friends lovers confidants and partner in crime Ha ha ha. This manga is so unique and funny and I enjoyed every moment of it.
Love the female lead- clumsy, strong and cute- my favorite combo. She fangirls over the male lead but she's just so adorable that everyone likes her. The artwork is great and I love the comedic parts included here. Can't wait for next release
The main couple is sweet. I enjoyed reading about them. The plot is also pretty good. It doesn't seem rushed.
It was an "okay" read. I did not like the ending- it felt rushed and lacked flow. In some ways, I appreciated it for its level of maturity; however, at the same time, I disliked the immaturity of the characters. I am not a fan cry-baby female leads, or die-hard jerk faced male leads, both of which were the main characters of this manga. I found the plot lacking in development. I was particularly annoyed by the use implied subordination of women here. Why does she have to constantly cater to his whims, especially when they happen so sudden and are so commanding? I respected the idea of a professional woman, single and finding love with a one-night stand partner, but I did not appreciate that in the remaining chapters her character returns to the 'stereotypical woman,' thinking of biological clock, pressured into worrying so much about marriage, and being expected to give up her lifestlye for a risky relationship. Maybe if I saw the male lead's thoughts I would appreciate this more, but for now, he just comes off as a rude and mysterious selfish jerk, while the female lead ended up being assigned the role of damsel in distress ONCE AGAIN! Gosh for once I story of a strong female lead whose worth is not entirely dependent or surrounded by her male lover, and whose lover respects her decisions and treats her equally. WHERE CAN I FIND SUCH A MANGA???? In one sentence, I regretted reading this.
wooooowwww its sooooo great!!!!!! cant wait for the next chapter!
A nice fun read. I liked their relationship. Nice to see it avoiding cliche submissive plays. Only disappointment is that it wasn't longer
I found this really cute and fun to read. The artwork was really beautiful, and I commend the artist and author for making such a easy-to-follow, yet unique, plot. Its fun to see that the two leads don't fall in love right off the bat, and that its taking time to build trust. The uke is really cute but not overbearingly so, and you can tell he is level-headed and nice. The seme, on the other hand, is really HAWTT, and can cook (which is enough to get on my good grace). He obviously cares for the uke, since he goes beyond his way to cook and deal with house care stuff. So far, their relationship may be mostly physical, and not that romantic, but you can tell its building. If you're into really awesome artwork, cute uke, a slowly-progressing relationship, and a great plot with some mystery and fantasy... this is the manga for you.