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I thought this would be a creepy but intriguing read.. but lol it actually becomes quite endearing and hilarious in the 2nd chapter? The tone is quite the opposite of the first.
This manga has it's charms and the seme and uke are justifiable in their characterization. That being said.. chapter 4 broke my heart and I feel the author dragged out the drama a little too long using the same device and dried up a bit of my sympathy for the uke. Especially don't read if you hate manipulative antagonists, who essentially forces the uke to sleep around. But the couple is really cute together and the seme is so wondedfully supportive.
Beautiful art and character designs, but feels more like smut for smut. Which feels largely attributed to either the translation or how the author set up the characters. The dialogue seems very generic, with weird mismatched tones for the setting, which makes no real sense of what these charcters are supposed to be or act like. So they seem to have zero personality.
Love love this series! Beautiful art, lovely smut scenes, boys love and more! All the characters are wonderfully designed and I've been impressed that the scenes where the mc is a girl and a boy are both equally erotic. Not to mention that the series is balanced with an interesting plotline, which keeps you coming back for more.
Lol this is a collection of one shots, and each one was really wild. If anything I found them all entertaining and completely caught me off guard
I usually like extreme smut and sadistic storylines but the first volume didn't really catch my interest. It has an interesting premise but kind of just skirts around the whole idea without really fleshing it out enough, so it kind of just starts with the mc is here, reemphasize setting, smut and then repeat. It's very quick to digest and doesn't really draw out a lot from the reader in my opinion.
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