Sweet Blood

author :

Nene Shakeda


The man who bought him at the black market auction is a handsome young vampire.

Vampires have taken control and humans have been forced to live in segregated areas. Jinosuke Fukuda is a ceramic artist who's lost his sponsor due to the relationship between vampires and humans deteriorating. Right when Jinosuke is feeling miserable about his sponsor cutting ties with him, he gets kidnapped and sold at a black market auction.
A vampire named Noi wins the bid. He is fascinated with humans and wants to do research on them, so he forces Jinosuke to make an agreement with him to let him suck his blood once or twice a week. The first time his blood is sucked, Jinosuke feels as if his body is on fire with unbearable pleasure. He can't believe that getting his blood sucked could feel so good!
A love story between a curious vampire and an older ceramic artist.Noi, a handsome vampire, buys Jinosuke at a black market auction. The first time Noi sucks his blood, his body is consumed with pleasure like he's never experienced before!


Yaoi_MangaVampiresMythical_BeingsFantasyLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts Completed

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author :

Nene Shakeda

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Brite Publishing

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Sweet Blood

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