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So The Author has only two comic's on this site ,which you can tell by the writing . The comic it self is easy to read like both characters and the fast past. The Author actually does a good job on the backstory its long enough to understand the time period later on. The extra comic is cute too. Enjoyed reading it . I hope to read more of their work.
Just got it. I like the style of the manga . This is a cute story. The story seems like it will progress nicely . I like protagonist and to love interest like that it's Omega verse
I bought this comic a while ago , I always come back to read it and enjoy the beginning . miscommunication always brings naughty times.
School setting / Festival .
I love the newest volume
I have read most of the series. I was shocked at the discovery at the last volume. Read it if you can. I believe that it will lead to a love triangle infatuation with the main(character) in the near future
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