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While the story progression is okay and sex does not seem to be the end-all be-all,
An excellent example of taking tropes we know and doing the unexpected to make a great story. The choices both characters (and the author) made surprised me in the right way. I was a little disappointed with where it looked like this couple would land in their status. Things got complicated in the climax of the story and its aftermath. But I realized while reading this story that even the relationship status of this couple was something I have not seen done quite this way. In the final hour I was hit with the unexpected again in a good way. Sex scenes were nicely used and portrayed well the intense connections of emotion and passion. It would have been nice to see one more long physical intimacy (sex) scene after the final curveball. Extra chapter potential! Story plus for how both characters found and expressed their respect for one another. Read the story to know more :).
A salaryman who loves cute things, cooking and housework learns his neighbor is actually his favorite shoujo manga artist. The story and romance progression is nicely paced for 5 chapters. The climax is heart-dropping and the emotional payoff is very satisfying. I would say this is a likable and heartwarming romance that uses the idea of a
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