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Starting off, this story was excellent. I thought, how refreshing to see those with traumatic past relationship issues to overcome them together. Personally, I felt it was uncommon that you have both leads so such heavy, unique situations in the past that was crippling them. However, (SPOILER) they didn't last very long & the rest of the story is about them moving on without each other. Not that doesn't hold it's own beauty. My qualm is with the fact that they beautiful up those stories with our two leads just to tear it all apart. I gave this story a dozen chapters to see if there's change but, sadly, no. I'll likely come back with the story is complete, entirely out of curiosity, to see how it ends. In all, the story was pretty well done. More than anything, it was just not what I personally has not gone in the direction I had hoped it would.
Actually has a good storyline that you want to see through to the end. The art is fairly good.he beginning it's a bit much on how the relationship first developed. Still definitely worth the money, shoot I still I've reread this series at least three times now. If that don't tell you something right there, then I don't know what to tell you. ?????♀?
I enjoyed this story from beginning to the end & the major character development throughout the series. Worth every penny! ?
Such a story and side story/spin-off, I highly recommend! It's worth the money?
Loved this story!
I loved this story! The art isn't 100% but still very good. The story seems to veer one way before it goes another. Definitely won't the money & the 5-stars!
Beautiful! Just beautiful?
Truly, truly a wonderful story with beautiful artistry and great consistency in all aspects. I just finished chapter 20 and I can shamelessly I'm so in love with this series. Both the female MC (Rio) and the male MC (Mr. Fujishima) are polar opposites but in an endearing way and they say 'opposites attract.' Rio is just so innocent, adorable, & silly but open minded. Mr. Fujishima is a bit closed off, very cautious, and unsure or himself but DAYUM is he handsome. The character development is both realistic and heartwarming to watch unravel throughout the story and even now. It is a bit of roller-coaster but, in my opinion, it worth it because it helps build up the storyline(not necessarily in a cliche or obviously way) making it that much more enjoyable. I've already re-read the series a couple times waiting for the updates, it's that good. Lastly, I have definitely need to that the sex scenes are extremely tasteful, intimate, and passionate. 10/10 for me, y'all!
I don't know what the bad reviews are yapping about but I, for one, thought it is a good & kind of silly silly start. I think it's worth a shot & the money!
Just finished chapter 3 and so far I'm IN LOVE! The character development is a bit rushed in one aspect (not necessarily a bad thing or at least I don't think) and at a steady pace on the other hand. The main guy is a bit pompous at times but I think it's a defense mechanism. I have have to admit I like guys are a little hard to get (that's how I got my husband lol but he's more quiet & standoff-ish type doesn't joke insult or things like that). In all, looking forward to the next chapter, worth the money and has a solid, almost charming storyline. OMG the 'heroine' & 'hero' are so cute with each other I can't even!? ? The progression of their relationship is what I think I'm so excited to see. It reminds a bit of Over-Cumming Writers Block and Beastly Boss is My Neighor but completely in it's way. I'm more referring to the passion and interest they has in each other??