Jellygay's Reviews & Ratings

The amount of fluff in this one is fantastic, the art pretty and the story is so good! Definitely 5 stars. Can't wait to read the rest of volume 2.
Would recommend renting and not buying. The story was good but the ending was rushed, feeling like it answered issues too abruptly, it fell a little flat. Overall I'd give it a 3.5-4/5
It's turning out to be wholesome (and horny), I can't wait to see where this goes.
The premise of the story started out okay with the age gap but chapter 5 really showed the seme as a pedophile and contained a slightly explicit scene of the MC as a child so I say avoid if you don't want any of that. I won't be finishing this manga at all.
Giving this a 3 only because all their repeated misunderstandings have no good lead up or follow up and are really agitating to read.
Hardcore AND wholesome. Loved it!
I'd leave more stars if I could, this was just very wholesome!
Younger men x older men, must read, super hot! And the ukes are just mmmmmm so good!!!