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I like the premise but I just wish there was more to the main story. Since it only had 3 chapters, the mangaka didn't really get to actually show them forming a romantic relationship and despite what the extra portrays, they really read more like weird sex friends than lovers. The little kinky corner stuff was fun but it gets old fast and I honestly wish it wasn't featured here. There were like 3-4 short one shots featured as well that we're for the most part boring and seemed like they were just tossed in the add more pages. Wish those pages were instead used to actually expand upon the main story. If you REALLY like the idea of the main story then it might be worth purchasing but honestly, I'd just pass this one up.
The first story is really good and is quickly becoming one of my favorite yaoi's that I've read. The story is decent and the characters are nice. The sex scenes are absolutely amazing. Once the first story ends and the second begins though, things go downhill. The second story Space Yaoi has a fun couple but the alien featured in it just made the story almost unbearable to read. I only read through it all to see what happened. If you don't like the first chapter of it, I wouldn't recommend reading the rest. There is an extra for the main story at the end though so you can just skip to that. Even if I didn't like the second story though, I think the first story is good enough to justify buying it. Overall a fun read, just wish the second story wasn't so unbearable.
Not bad though I wish it was longer. Its short so you don't have the chance to really become invested in the story but it's still a nice little story.
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