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There's no way a FL is as dense as this one. I don't mean to spoil but the ML confessed his feelings, bedded her, and she STILL doesn't get that he likes her! I'll hand it to the author though, it makes for a very funny storyline. Art is good and smut is very spicy! I would suggest not taking this too seriously and just enjoy the smut for what it is. I'm definitely going to be following this story but I'll have to deduct a star just because I can't get over the impossibly low IQ of our FL.
Fast paced and brain mushing... The kind of thing you turn your brain off to. Now I love love LOVE villainess stories but this one feels... Rushed? Feelings are being caught too fast, things are happening, nothing is explained. I mean, it's pretty funny though. For real, it gave me a good laugh and that's why I'm gonna follow it. It seems to play off a lot of the villainess story tropes. It works more like a parody which I personally really enjoy! I like it! Fair warning, don't take this thing seriously. Really just don't. Maybe it's worth more to rent than buy, with spare points. Going off of ch 1 right now, opinion may change with the next chapter.
You want this. You don't know that you want this but you do. Okay okay, muscle guys aren't to everyone's taste but how about people like me who strive off of himbos?! And that's why I'm really happy to see a story like this!!! Age gap and Bara?!? SIGN ME UP!!! Plot line looks surprisingly involved, and our FL is the kinda clumsy type you wanna root for. ML is *mwah* he's my favourite flavour. You like muscles? Silly plot lines? Tasty smut? Overt consent? Then give this one a chance! It's at least worth the first chapter, in my opinion.
OFFICE ROMANCE IS JUSTICE!!! Yeah, it's pretty good but I bet you've read a story like this a million times. Smut is good, plot is pretty basic, FL is your typical airhead, ML is your typical two-faced sadist. If you're a smut veteran, you'll probably roll your eyes at this one. But hey, I like it!!! Don't have to think too hard and just enjoy to story for the simplicity it is. Stories like these real heal my heart so I'm definitely going to be following this one <3
Hmm very cute!!! I highly suggest giving this one a chance if you've got points to spare.You know, it's a bit typical (as of ch 1) of a smut. It's as cheesy as you think it is, and yes be wary of dub-con. Overall, I actually enjoyed it! The artstyle is interesting, though messy it's very expressive . The leads are a little 2D, but that might just be because the story is new. The real crowning glory is the smut. There's this scene with the male lead... Ugh my heart! His expression! His thoughts! And the female lead! Her reaction!!! It was beautiful!!! And they didn't even go all the way!!!!So yes, I'm looking forward to what this story will bring in the future <3
It's a promising Rom-Com!!! A failure of a succubus is sent to haunt a romance novelist who actually knows nothing about love (but knows a lot about sex ;3). The story is pretty simple and fast-paced, but it's a comedy! Stories like this are meant to be light hearted! And I'm so for it~ I find it interesting that it looks like the ML is going to be the first one to fall in love in this case, which is just so refreshing! More stories about guys falling for the girl first please!!! Can't wait for more <3
C-comedy? I've seen comedy... This ain't it chief. Or at least, not right now! Chapter 4 just released as I'm writing this. All I can say is that the story is a lot more dramatic and heavy than what I signed up for. The FWB situation isn't light hearted at all, and I'd like to warn potential readers that you should be comfortable with the concept of the leads potentially having *multiple* other sexual partners. The beginning is not fluff worthy at all, the chemistry is a little heartbreaking, and the leads seem to be dealing with tough relationship dynamics. That being said, I feel the story itself is good. Enough that I kept reading despite feeling swindled. It's a little rushed in some areas (somebody catches feelings too fast for example), but I kinda want to cheer them on to the end. I don't know if the leads should be together, but I'd like to see them get to the other side of this, kinda thing. Also, very good smut lololol
OOOOHHHH man. I cannot tell you how excited I am for the next chapters!!! As of writing, only one chapter is out but what a good set up it is!!! The characters have such a good dynamic, you can really feel how much they care for each other. Nothing on the romance side as of now, but their genuine friendship really toggles my heartstrings!!! I wouldn't be mad if they don't end up together (he's gay but I think the story is trying to go the route of him being bi), they're just a wonderful pair. I'd recommend this to anyone who needs a break from all the smut lolololol~ As it just feels really wholesome. My concern would only be about how they address his sexuality, but I have confidence just from chapter one alone that this manga is already going to be a great read down the line!
WARNING: NON-CON, DUB-CON, HEAVY THEMES. That out of the way, let's begin. It's a BL smut collection where all the stories involve the owner of a cafe that's just on the outside of a red-light district. Where your usual smut would have a dominant theme and then the sex, this book's theme is sex itself. The art is *very* smutty, the scenes are incredibly dynamic, and in that sense almost beautiful. Beef boys and stick boys abound, and it was refreshing to see characters of different body types and ages. That said, there's quite a few heavy themes and not everyone may be comfortable with them so please keep it in mind. The whole collection itself seems bittersweet. My only plight is the pacing and chemistry between the characters. The theme really is sex, and chemistry can seem a little forced in some areas. Despite the heavy themes, it might be best not to take the story too seriously to fully enjoy it.
I was at a loss for words when I finished this comic. I bought it on a whim since it reminded me of Hana and the Beast, but I'm very glad I took that whim. I cannot stress this enough: Heartfelt Realism. It's a collection of short stories, but they all tackle some serious issues in their own way. The first one, the one with the "Wolfling", is about a couple overcoming the language barrier. The second story touches on the struggles of homosexuality. There's a third, very short, story about hoarding. Believe me when I say, this anthology is beautiful. The stories, along with the smut, make for an incredible reading experience. The sex scenes are dynamic and full of feeling. You really can't help but put yourself in the characters shoes; they're that expressive. Also, if you're not into anthros, might I add that the other stories are human on human, and they are just as well drawn and written. Take the chance on this one, you won't regret it!
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