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A good series! It's a bit expensive if your looking for something serious. Its mainly just a fluffy love between a young man and an 25 year old woman. Because of her attractive looks she is a victim of a stalker so she ends up at his coworkers house. Then the fluff begins.
I agree with the other comments that the ending it too quick! It was a very cute manga though.
Has potential, but it's very short and slow moving plot. Don't spend your money until there are more chapters out. Maybe 6 or more.
The art style is ok. The noses are way too big. But basically this girl leaves her office in a rush at the end of her shift because her crush got engaged. She decides she wants to get picked up by a stranger. So shut happens and the guy she almost slept with shows up at her work. The plot line is like a 70s porno.
Dont spend your money on this. It is a good way up, but that's all it is. Depending on how much is it updated it could get better. Absolutely nothing happens the first chapter.
This series is amazing!!! The MCs have issues explaining their feelings with words, so they instead convey those feelings through their bodies. It's not overly sexual, but it dips inside the mindset of falling in love-- sex first. Truly worth every penny I've spent. Now I'm just waiting on the next chapter.
Love it! Keigo is so kind
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