dejavueyes's Reviews & Ratings

I enjoy the art and the simple storyline. Most likely because the characters are simple high school students and the contrast between the shyness from one character and the suave-ness from the other is nice. That makes them very cute together.
Art style is good. I enjoyed the style. The story has a different perspective and it is well-done that's why I enjoyed it. There are push and pull in the story which is nice and not boring.
Art is nice but the story has lots of twists.If you are wondering about steamy parts, they are good. I just binge thru this and I cannot wait for the new one.
There is an interesting twist on how the plot play on. For my taste, it feels like a very hard turn to the development of steamy moments. Other than that, I like how this artist draws the hot moments and the ending was lovely.
I give this a 5 for the complexity of the story and the different type of characters. I also binged on it in one sitting and there is a good balance of intimate steamy moments and lovey dovey cute moments (not cute enough that let me puke so that is good). I like how artist did not draw a curvy lady as the protagonist.
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