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What can I say, I loved it… painfully loved it… I would have liked for it to be a bit longer at the end so that I can dwell in the momentum …but it was a really good read. I recommend it .
The plot is cruelly lacking, it does not make sense and I can't fathom how they could fall in love under these circumstances...
I should have read the summary... not chose based on the cover... this is at best pointless and stupid... -_-
Could have been better... interesting premises, however it only lightly touched the surface and never addressed the interesting issues of the characters' traumatic background... and never ever approached the topic of overcoming and healing... and so it felt incomplete because you leave the characters in a disturbed state and I found it frustrating...like you have there all the roots for a deep psychological story but you can only read the prologue...
I only gave 4 stars as I would have preferred an ending where the victim overcomes the trauma and takes his life back ... as for the MC ... let
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