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Start of the story: uke gets tied up and tells him several times to untie him and stop touching. Seme doesn't stop, penetrates him with his fingers. Uke feels really good anyway (yaoi logic). I think the seme is creepy and forceful. Not my kind of story. But nice art.
Bought it because of the good reviews and was really disappointed. I found the possessive seme pretty creepy. And the relationship didn't seem balanced. I mean the uke agrees to having sex in the beginning because he doesn't want to lose face.
I really liked this story. It's sexy, consensual and at times even funny. And the whole book is about one couple. Only weak point in my opinion: they have no safe word for the one being dominated. I mean for me it seems clear that he wants to be dominated like that. But it would have been nice to know that he could stop it with a safe word if he wanted to.
For me the seme of the main story was a horny creep and way too pushy. And I didn't like how his stuff just reacted like 'that's him. Just say no.' That's not how you react when the chief tells his subordinate to strip in the office. And yes, I know it is a fictional story and a manga. I'm still annoyed I wasted my money on this. Second story was good. Third story had this absolute no-go-scene where the seme comes inside even though the uke explicitly told him not to.
I really liked it. Ist's fluffy and funny. The dynamic between uke and seme is good. And there's no rape or scenes with questionable consent - which sadly is something rather unordinary for most yaoi.
The story is way too rapey. And the adult teacher even denies that he was forcing himself on his student cause he didnot go all the way. There was a strange gap in the personality of the teacher: the carying type who does not want his student to fail class and who does trust his student with an Infant VS the one who does force his student and blackmail him.
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