Lusty Wolf Howls for Love

author :

Shimako Wan


Does the always-horny CEO just want attention? Tomoyuki Hara (20) just can't seem to find a job. "I'll work for anyone that'll hire me!" With those words, he becomes employed at the short-handed Aoki Design. While happy to be on the payroll, Masatsugu Aoki, the boss, puts him on edge, saying "Work hard or I'll kick you to the curb!" Newly employed and already in all sorts of trouble! The horny company president and the fresh-out-of-college boy who's cute as a squirrel share a back-and-forth romance filled with steamy love and plenty of laughs!


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author :

Shimako Wan

publisher :

Takeshobo co.,ltd.

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Japanese :

Hatsujou Ookami-Kun Ai wo Sakebu

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Lusty Wolf Howls for Love

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Pages: 180

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August 10, 2018 (JST)
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