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The art is amazing! The guys are super hot! But, I didn't like Aki! I don't know... This kind of relationship that confuses rape with sexual pleasure. The propose is quite interesting, but I cannot see a way to have romance with this sadic way to be of Aki. I don't see he really care about her... He put her in a jail on the dark in 72 hours!! And let her on a part of prision with other guys that want to rape her!!!!!!! He's not good to her! And I don't really care if he save her on the truck, because he always give his way to torture her even more! I really loved Higa! If the story changed the way and put him and Hina together, it will be best! Higa really cares about her and love her. He risks himself to discovery why Hina is in jail and why Aki hate her so much! Aki is sexy! But Higa is sexier! I really ship him with Hina! Yakumo... You know! He doesn't count! hehe
I have a crush on megane boys... And he sound so misterious but at the same time he's cute and sweet. And the story is cute, not agressive, and have a better development. I finish the capter 2 and they ever kiss! But I think is better this way! Even I am soooooooooo curious about next chapter!
Very cute. I like stories where the boy are the inexperienced. That makes out of pattern... It's kind different! Shame they didn't made more chapters... But I liked!
Good for a short smut... The sex scenes are real good, but the story are not the stronger point here... But I liked!
What can I say? This male protagonist is VERY VERY HOT AND SEXY! He has 42 old, but he has a boy's face. We just think he's older than her 'cause the marks about his eyes. And she knows what she wants. I like it! I think is different from another stories with ecchi or smut. And pass by far from the clichets!
Even it's an one shot, and with few pages, the story is cute. Nothing complex... I just didn't give 5 stars 'cause the design should be better.
I confess that I expected more from this manga ... And now I feel like I've put money away. The sex scenes are totally raw, and do not pass the feeling of involvement. Other than that the girl's reactions are very stressed.
I LOVED! He always loved her, and teased her just by this. And is very exciting in an way that is not the expected couple. And man with bad boy's face is soooooo charming!
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