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I was looking for an angst BL and was happy to find this one!! The characters is the usual highschool friends that got distant and after a few years they got to see each other as working adults. I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter!!
I like both couples in the story it was so cute! and the hot scenes are 5/5!! If you're looking for a steamy and cute BL this is it ? . The 1st couple is the typical puppy topX tsundere bottom and the 2nd couple is a threesome ??
So far this looks good! The MC is so cute and the story about finding love in an dating app looks refreshing! I can't wait for the next chapters!!
A cute story!! The protagonist is really funny and you can relate to them so much lol. I enjoyed the story since its really refreshing! Haruta-sensei did not disappoint ?
Really funny and cute so far~~
Really cute and short!!