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The art and the plot are cute and heartfelt, but in the first chapter, the dark haired guy sexually assaults the lighter haired guy to get his attention, and it's shrugged off immediately. If It wasn't for that, it would be much better. So, it's not bad, but if S/A is a deal breaker, pass on this one.
Really bittersweet, in a good way!
This is not a romance series like the previous Hiroto Kujirada works on this site. I'm incredibly overjoyed to see their art style on an adult storyline. This is indeed a love triangle series! I would have preferred for another complete volume but I have a feeling this one might be a long one! Can't wait for more.
Love the tension and the art, and fair warning that there is incest starting in vol 9 if that is something you don't want to read. Still a super hot read!
This was such a good and sweet sequel it made me cry.
First chapter has me hooked already! I love the avoidance of cliches.
Art is great! Really sweet so far, nothing wild in the first chapter, but I can't wait to read more!
I really wanted to read this manga after seeing the artist on other sites! The plot goes fast and as others said in their reviews, there are non-con elements but I hope there are more chapters and we get more backstory on the LI!
So cute! Not as sexual as I expected, but the cute characters drew me in.
If you like cute men who are too stupid for their own good, this is perfect for you. Morosexuality is real in this.
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