Rainbowfujoshipanda's Reviews & Ratings

It was pretty cute! I enjoyed it - it felt nice to me. I was feeling down but this story had that nice fluff! 5/5!
So far, so good! I'm enjoying this funny MC!
It was an okay story - kind of cheesy. Nothing really popped out to me and I felt a hint of regret purchasing it. I think if you like cheesy stories then this is the one for you. :)
I enjoyed it! It was cute and not a lot of angst (thank yaoi gods lol). Anyways, it has fluff and some sexy scenes! I recommend buying it. It's nice and simple.
Story was kind of all over the places, but it had a little fluff in the 2nd story so I was okay. Would I read again? Not at all.
I like it! It
I loved it! It was short but cute and funny! :D
It was okay, kind of regret spending tickets for the unlimited :(If reading, do the 48 hour one.
I like buying my stuff unlimited, but for 6 tickets this story isn
It was cute but then chapter 4+ annoyed me by the addition of that character. Not going to spoil, but I
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