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TL;DR I love how the artist draws chibis~! The first story is the best~! I love the 3rd story. The 2nd... um... anyway, I do really recommend this manga when it's on sale. It's funny, cute & sexy >w< ---Long version: the 2nd story shouldn't have been a one-shot. It needed proper chapters in order to express & tell the story in a more precise manner. It was difficult to follow along at certain parts. I found myself wondering if there were pages missing or perhaps out of order somehow. After finishing the story, everything does come together, but I still would have liked more character development, especially in the heroine.
"oh my goodness she's so lucky!" is the only thought I had when reaching the end of the first chapter - I super can't wait til the next chapter~! This seems like it's going to be a great story for anyone who's into the sadistic type *as the tag mentions*
they don't go all the way but I really love the character development that happens & I really hope there's another chapter/volume to this - as a novice to yuri I feel like this is a good place to start to work my way into the genre
Only read the first chapter & I love the heroine, I'm intrigued with the teacher but so far I feel like he's lacking depth to his character. Very curious to see where this goes.
it's an amazing story if you're into yanderes - I have learned that I am not *at least... not him...* - I recommend renting the first chapter if you're curious like I did
I super loved this continuation & I can't wait for the next title/chapter to be released~!
this was a cute little read - I love the sketchy art style & I'd definitely recommend it if you're new to yuri (which atm I am)
definitely a good read if you love sadistic professors & don't mind age gaps - the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because I was slightly irked at the awkward translation at times as well as the artist could have used a few more panels here & there to portray a more fluid motion & a fuller picture of the scene - overall I still recommend it
I've only read the first chapter & I'm completely hooked - one sec I'm admiring how pretty the art style is & how cute the MC is, the next I'm laughing & then I'm getting turned on by a condom & laughing at myself for enjoying that scene a little too much - I'm super excited for the next chapter~!
It's not at all worth the price, don't waste your time or money. The story is way too quick & there's no character development. It has a couple of funny moments & the art style is pretty but that's it.
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