Risuna's Reviews & Ratings

this story was awesome~! it's funny & sweet & I love how we explore every aspect of the characters throughout the story - it all leads up to a wonderful ending and I definitely recommend this manga~!
I absolutely loved this series & the ending was amazing~! Definitely recommend if you're into S/M relationships
This... wasn't good. I wish I could get my points back at how awful this was. It's a love triangle built on a misunderstanding. If the characters just talked about it then all this drama could have been avoided but instead, we get a messy storyline with idiotic characters & an underdeveloped "happy" ending.
It's... okay. The ending wasn't complete & the story went by too quickly. I like the simplistic art style but the simplistic story wasn't great.
The ending is worth the rollercoaster of events that happen throughout this story. I actually had to go back & reread the first chapter to fully grasp the complexity of everything happening & it was totally worth it
the main story is really cute, the last story is the best~!
meh - sweet love story, has its moments, sexy scene finally at chapter 5 & I think I'll stop reading there & use my points for other manga
It was so much fun to see the back & forth of the characters & to see the different sides of them - the sexy scenes were amazing & I love the gradual build-up of their relationship.
Only read the first chapter & already hooked - this is a forgotten fantasy I used to have - I love the sexy portrayal of the sandman as a spirit who feeds off of sleep energy & of course hers is delious~ I can't wait to read more, I really hope the story turns out to be a good one
I honestly loved the last story the best~! Also I really loved Lucas in the 4th story. This manga is a super must read~!
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