Risuna's Reviews & Ratings

I need more! I need more chapters! The first chapter sets up the premise really well, we get the back story of how their relationship started and then it ends just as things start to get good. Apparently, dude has a split personality that comes out when he gets kissed and is very sadistic. So warning, it looks like it's gonna turn into non-con and I need more!
I love the artwork, love the idea for the story but I feel the first chapter's pacing is a bit too fast and I'm worried about the overall story will move too fast as well. Hopefully that's not the case and we can see love blossom between the MC and her two guys in a fully developed plot.
Yume is so cute! The story starts out amazing. I hope it doesn't go by too fast.
this story was awesome~! it's funny & sweet & I love how we explore every aspect of the characters throughout the story - it all leads up to a wonderful ending and I definitely recommend this manga~!
I absolutely loved this series & the ending was amazing~! Definitely recommend if you're into S/M relationships
This... wasn't good. I wish I could get my points back at how awful this was. It's a love triangle built on a misunderstanding. If the characters just talked about it then all this drama could have been avoided but instead, we get a messy storyline with idiotic characters & an underdeveloped "happy" ending.
It's... okay. The ending wasn't complete & the story went by too quickly. I like the simplistic art style but the simplistic story wasn't great.
The ending is worth the rollercoaster of events that happen throughout this story. I actually had to go back & reread the first chapter to fully grasp the complexity of everything happening & it was totally worth it
the main story is really cute, the last story is the best~!
meh - sweet love story, has its moments, sexy scene finally at chapter 5 & I think I'll stop reading there & use my points for other manga