Risuna's Reviews & Ratings

the main story is really cute, the last story is the best~!
meh - sweet love story, has its moments, sexy scene finally at chapter 5 & I think I'll stop reading there & use my points for other manga
It was so much fun to see the back & forth of the characters & to see the different sides of them - the sexy scenes were amazing & I love the gradual build-up of their relationship.
Only read the first chapter & already hooked - this is a forgotten fantasy I used to have - I love the sexy portrayal of the sandman as a spirit who feeds off of sleep energy & of course hers is delious~ I can't wait to read more, I really hope the story turns out to be a good one
I honestly loved the last story the best~! Also I really loved Lucas in the 4th story. This manga is a super must read~!
the artwork is amazing & oh so very sexy - the first story is the best & then it just goes downhill from there but they're still enjoyable to read!
I really enjoyed watching Kei fight himself through this manga - my heart was racing throughout the story!
this story had my heart racing
I enjoyed it for what it was & even cried a bit at the end - it's a sweet love story with a few spicy elements to it & a happy ending
This story is so amazing & funny, I recommend it to everyone. The reviews about the bullying are all wrong. They really should of read the 2nd chapter. The ending is perfect.
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