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It's not at all worth the price, don't waste your time or money. The story is way too quick & there's no character development. It has a couple of funny moments & the art style is pretty but that's it.
I wish I could give this 10 stars - even though I hate how this started with an affair it has such a happy ending for everybody I couldn't help but cry tears of joy *also chapter 6 page 9 I cried so hard at how sweet that scene was* - I also couldn't help but laugh at some of the heroine's expressions & at some of the situations the men put her in
The "Best Ending?" story was definitely the best~! It was funny, cute, & sexy. The other two stories were cute too. The characters felt real & there were moments where I completely related to how the characters felt. I definitely recommend this manga.
At first, I wasn't sure what to make of this cause I really super hated Soma but was really super attracted to the other guy who's name is never mentioned & ultimately he's what made me continue reading the series. The way the artist utilities background effects really sent chills down my spine & kept me at the edge of my seat the entire way through until the very end where I flipped the table cause that ending is freaking perfect. (Disclaimer: No tables were harmed in the making of review.)
I really super love this story. I love the interpretation of incubui within this manga & I love how there's so much story revolving around the characters. There is a small dark part within the story regarding Tsubaki's nightmares but my heart absolutely melted seeing Noah heal her wounds from that memory. Also, I don't think the title is cheesy at all & fits the story rather well.
I'm so happy I took advantage of the new year's sale to finally read this manga! It's sexy, it's funny, it's relatable & amazing! I super can't wait for the next chapter~!
1st story is enjoyable, 2nd one is cute & sweet, 4th one didn't need to be there & the 3rd one is the best one but I have a bias for maid x boss play especially when the boss dresses up as a butler! XD overall this was fun to read & I recommend it
This manga is amazing! It's funny, I love how different & refreshing the characters are compared to the other manga on this site. The male mc is adorable & I love how the female mc takes charge! This is totally worth the tickets & I highly recommend!
I've only read the first two chapters, but I love the sassiness of the butler. The art is lacking at times & for that I'll give the mangaka a 4 out of 5 stars, but I love the concept of the story & there are some panels that I love how they were drawn. I recommend this read if you love butlers
YES! 1000x yes! This was an amazing story, I super love the sadistic master (he's actually sadistic & it is beautiful), this is actually a three-way & it is amazing - the story is hot, steamy, funny & sexy - I super recommend this story
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