The Guy I Hate

"So who's more popular: me or him!? He's supposed to be my enemy, but why are we touching each other like this!?" Sano's ambition is to become the most popular guy at school, and have lots of female admirers. Except there's just one person who's getting in his way to achieve it... Kiyoharu Azuma has a bad reputation for being a player, but the girls are still attracted to this bad boy. What's worse is Sano finds the girl he's after with Kiyoharu, which makes him even more motivated to one up the guy. Upset that Kiyoharu's fooling around with a girl he doesn't even like, Sano tries to embarrass Kiyoharu. But Kiyoharu's letting out some serious sensual vibes, turning things into an unexpected situation. A story between a guy who wants to be popular and a guy who's born to be popular!

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The Guy I Hate (1)

Two good looking guys who are supposed to be enemies... Why are they touching each other like this!? A guy who wants to be popular with the girls vs. a guy who's naturally popular with the girls.[36pages]
Pages: 36
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The Guy I Hate (2)

After what happened between the two of them, Sano wants to keep his distance from Kiyoharu. But for some reason, Kiyoharu won't stay away from Sano. Unable to say no, the two end up at Sano's house.[29pages]
Pages: 29
Rent (48hrs) : $

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The Guy I Hate (3)

It's the weekend, and Kiyoharu wants to see Sano. Sano reluctantly meets up with him, but finds himself confused by what he's feeling towards Kiyoharu. After spending a day together, Kiyoharu once again invites himself to Sano's house.[37pages]
Pages: 37
Rent (48hrs) : $

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The Guy I Hate (4)

They take their relationship to the next level, and Sano finds himself having special feelings for Kiyoharu. Except the next day at school, Sano sees Kiyoharu with a girl.[31pages]
Pages: 31
Rent (48hrs) : $

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The Guy I Hate (5)

After seeing Kiyoharu kissing a girl, Sano has decided he will never ever have anything to do with Kiyoharu again. But, Sano is shocked at the reaction his avoiding and ignoring Kiyoharu gets him.[34pages]
Pages: 34
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The Guy I Hate (6)

Sano and Kiyoharu's relationship is going really well. But, a small incident forces them to confirm their feelings once again.[32pages]
Pages: 32
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author : Moto Haruyama publisher : ShuCream POP Ore no Kirai na Senpai

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May 24, 2019 (JST)
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