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It's all inconsistent the characters the story. Nothing is fleshed out and it all feels like more of a rough draft of good story than anything.
This is about a sexual assaulter forcing himself on someone so often that they eventually "fall in love" with him. It tries to make sexual assault, stalking, and generally other toxic behavior into a meet cute. I read it because the reviews were so good but I hated it. The man copied a key to her house and hides a recorder on her keychain not to mention pulling up her shirt and sexually assaulting her in front of a coworker. It's not funny it's not cute and if you aren't ok with sexual assault being treated as a cute joke don't read it.
It's like omegaverse but with doms and subs and the dom is forcing the sub into a relationship because they want to control him. It's an unhealthy problematic relationship but the art is gorgeous!
I was stunned by how well done and genuinely sweet and adorable this story is, now I can't get enough. This story really had something unique and amazing going for it and I love it!
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