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I waited a year for the fourth chapter to go up and man is it worth the wait! Still a great art style and the story always has you wanting to read more and more
It's a great story, and worth the buy! The art is clean, the characters are all likeable, but if you're expecting sex to be early on or frequent, it's not here. The manga does a great job with the pacing, so even if sex is all you bought it for, you're going to enjoy the series anyways. The only thing I disliked about it was the protag being rather repetitive with his "certain" dislike of his love interest, which made it feel like it was dragging, but other than that it was wonderful!
It was a great read! The art was a little different but very flattering to the characters, and each story was short and cute. Recommended if you want fast-paced and simple, cute romance.
Wow, the art is amazing and the story wraps up nicely in just six chapters. I was very pleased with it, totally worth the buy!