Akane Amari's Reviews & Ratings

There's quite a few elements that end up being INCREDIBLY satisfying when reading this!! The character developments are fairly shallow, however don't feel rushed which the same cannot be said about similarly smutty manga. With so much comedy and smuttiness, it's totally worth it.
The premise is pretty amusing, but it is still full of erotic moments. I'm a bit exited to see what happens next.
It's a not too complicated story that is super endearing. Even the one-shot at the end was cute. Love it.
ADORABLE little collection of stories. Super likable!! Art also is very appealing. Lots of love.
Overall, fairly likable characters with not too cliche storylines. Liked it a lot. *salutes for a job well done*
It's a pleasant sex-filled romantic comedy between a perverse bespectacled man, and an equally perverse younger man. Worth it.
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