My Brother's Sweetest Spot

Azuma Sakuragi is deeply in love... with his twin brother, Miyabi! Miyabi is a pure genius at archery, but pretty much useless at everything else. You would think Azuma would be fed up with taking care of him all the time, but instead, he's happy to spend as much time with Miyabi as he can... until one day, the A.C. in Miyabi's room breaks down, and Miyabi has to sleep in Azuma's room... and share his bed! Can Azuma keep himself from secretly touching his brother?

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My Brother's Sweetest Spot (1)

Azuma is in a state of panic. His gorgeous twin brother Miyabi is on the bed next to him, sound asleep. He knows he shouldn't. It's morally wrong. But, it's also just too tempting not to touch him...[40pages]
Pages: 40
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My Brother's Sweetest Spot (2)

It turns out, the sleepover with Miyabi wasn't a one-night thing! His A.C. is still broken, and Azuma can't find it in him to turn down Miyabi's pleas to let him sleep with him again. But, can Azuma practice self-control...?[36pages]
Pages: 36
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My Brother's Sweetest Spot (3)

Azuma wakes up and realizes what happened the day before. It feels like a dream, but it clearly isn't. Dazed and deliriously happy, he wakes up the sleeping Miyabi next to him.[30pages]
Pages: 30
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My Brother's Sweetest Spot (4)

Azuma and Miyabi spend a glorious summer break enjoying their intimate time together, but as soon as they get back on campus after the break, it seems as though everyone is judging them for being too close...[34pages]
Pages: 34
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My Brother's Sweetest Spot (5)

Azuma has finally started living alone, but it seems to make him clingier when he and Miyabi actually spend time together. Missing Miyabi, he sneaks back home to see him, only to be shocked by what he sees...[32pages]
Pages: 32
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author : Zakuro Mizuhara publisher : KiR comics Aniki no Ichiban Oishii Tokoro

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