Scarletdollie5's Reviews & Ratings

Good start but the ending was a bit meh :/
Oh its so cute
I seriously love this so much! The art, the story, the characters!! It hit really close to home on some levels and I can relate with Seima. I hope to find my own Itsumi one day!! Please tell the author they are amazing and incredible!!
I lovd love love this series it will always be my first one and only! I wish it was updated more often
Oof that was so cute, it felt a little bit rushed at the end chapter but it was cute nevertheless
This book is absolutely worth it. I cried so much on each chapter I'm running out of tissues for my snot and tears. Its 3am in the morning and I have work tomorrow but it's definitely worth it!!
I broke down and finally bought the first chapter and here I am at the end! I want more
I came for the sinful plot but stayed for the beautiful story. I nearly cried to one of the chapters ; v;
It's so heartwarming and cute I love every bit of it! Worth it to buy it all!
This is such a cute story!! I want to cry! I bought every copy and I hope there is more soon!
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