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I...really didn't enjoy this. I love girls, and I love girls love, and so I'm going through and buying all Yuri on the site, but this one was just plain not good. The font they chose was horrible and hurt my eyes. The art wasn't great, and the story was often so disjointed it would jump around and I had no idea what was going on. It took me reading the blurb/description afterward to realize that Kaede was supposed to be poor (And while that was revealed in the story it was way toward the end - but she lived in a fancy house with what seemed to be staff? but maybe were parents? I don't know, everyone who isn't Minami or Kaede is faceless so it's impossible to tell anything.) Minami's face often goes super deformed and I just found it incredibly obnoxious. Also, even the premise of "girls making their mark on society" didn't seem to make much sense because it was just abrupt at the end (SPOILER ALERT) when Minami has her father buy Kaede's family business, and then it goes "women made their mark" and...okay...just by doing that? It felt really underwhelming. I was hoping for more sweet girls smooching girls and stepping under umbrellas but this was absolutely not it :/
You're going to be confused reading this because the first 3 chapters have nothing to do with what's written - but the next few chapters after that do. It's actually a collection of a bunch of different love stories that are all focused on the three princes of a school and them finding love. So be prepped. That said, they're all pretty cute!
This is SUPER CUTE. I honestly loved the art. The translation was a little off on one or two pages but you could still suss out what was going on. I really liked how the Heroine asserted herself and just - ugh it was super cute, a great purcase!
(This is up to Volume 7 so SPOILERS). I was morbidly curious after reading the reviews and reading that incest happened - it's way not my thing, but I was wondering if it actually WAS incest or if there was going to be a weird side step. Lo and behold there was a weird sidestep. For FOUR BOOKS they make you think that the main couple who are having H-scenes are brother/sister, but book 7 finally reveals that they aren't. They're...sort of related, but like very very very distant cousins. (He's basically her greatxenoughtogoback300years grandfather's son.) The story's okay - sometimes it's overly convoluted and confusing, but I will say HOOBOY do they keep up the brother/sister thing really dramatically for as long as possible, which absolutely is squicky. The one H-Scene shown (so far - who knows what the future holds) was remarkably tame for most H-scene. It's not my kind of book/story, and I'm not a fan of confusing pseudo-incest plots, but it's not as bonkers as several other reviews are saying, and on the good side, consent is a thing.
Well - the plot was kind of refreshingly quick, but the art was so bad I didn't want to continue it. The art is what I call "bad yaoi art" - where things are all stretched out to creepy proportions and people have spider hands, and faces are pointed like daggers. At one point Kiego's neck is like, two feet long and his head is teeny tiny in comparison - it's awful. I'm not really going to be reading any more of it.
The ART is super lovely, but this book suffers a problem a lot of the Harlequin books suffer from - it jumps around and the translation isn't that great. It feels really rushed. Part of the problem I think is that the heroine keeps getting her memories erased, so I think part of the jumping is caused by that - but it's to the point that at one point there's a sort of...jump through time, and I had no idea if i was that or a memory wipe or just a bad translation. Huge chunks of the story just made no sense. While definitely not the worst translation/huge jumps I've read, I wouldn't recommend this one unless you can get it at a discount.
This was amazing! The art was good, each story was fast paced but not quick enough you felt lost or like major things were skipped - and honestly, I really really loved the heroines. I also really liked the lack of non-con, and the girls actually got into it - they were all active participants in each part!
Slightly NSFW review: A resounding "Meh." The art's fine, and honestly the eroge scenes are interestingly diverse in ways you don't see in manga (including oral from him! Like most of the time they'll use hands but not do that.) It just ... the story jumps around in really weird, disjointed ways. It's not bad enough you can't follow the story, it just feels like I'm watching a bunch of vignettes than a full story. The art's fine as I said - by which I mean it's not great. What bothered me the most was Joe's chin changes shape literally every page. One moment it's sharp, then it's flat and square, then it's sharp again. Over all, "Meh." I'd probably skip it and find something better unless you're really into the mob thing.
UGH the art is SUPER good, the story is AMAZING. I'm constantly chomping at the bit waiting for the next book to come out. I absolutely recommend this one!!
To be honest, on paper this is a cute story - but this manga jumps around so much that it's hard to keep up with it. It makes the story incoherent with how much it jumps around. If you look at the preview, you'll see what I mean. I read the preview and figured they were just taking bits from the whole book but - no, that is literally what each page is like. It's like they cut out 3/4s of the context. I'd recommend others instead!
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