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Some of the stories feels kind of rushed (a common problem in one-shot anthologies), but overall it's pretty good. Lots of humor and endearing beefy men. My favorite is the 2nd story.
I adore Harada's works and this is no exception. Harada has a way with storytelling that makes even the worst character sympathetic. Heartbreaking and profound.
I bought this on a whim because the art style is so cute and I was not disappointed!!! I love that the girl is the one who's super into him at first. 10/10 beautiful couple
This was sooooo goood! I personally really love the combination of longing and obliviousness and boyyyy did this deliver! The art is really nice too. I wish it's longer because I enjoyed it so much and I want more!
This is sooo cute! I love the realistic inner struggle and the domestic fluff. 100/100
I've been waiting for this to be licensed and I'm overjoyed! This is very sweet and everyone is nice and kind. Not the spicy kind, but the plot is really satisfying if you like the themes of fate and being in denial :))
Ahhhh this is lovely! Sexy and cute, with a fresh take on the ABO universe. Too bad it's very short but I enjoyed it immensely.
I loooove love love this. Wacoco Waco sensei really knows the sexy appeal of smaller cute seme characters~~~
THIS IS SO CUTEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! It's not the typical alpha and omega pairing story. The romance is very slow and steady but also very SWEET! Love love love this <333
OMG!!!!! I'm so stoked that there's a sequel to Dirty Daddy Wolf In Sheep's Clothing. This one is as sweet and sexy as its prequel, 10/10 does not disappoint
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